Primal Fear PvE


Cluster Information

Cluster Map # 3
Connect To Ragnarok
IP: Port: 28030
Cluster Map # 5
Connect To Crystal Isles
IP: Port: 28050
Cluster Map # 7
Connect To Island
IP: Port: 29020
Cluster Map # 9
Connect To Center
IP: Port: 29050
Cluster Map # 9
Connect To Lost Island
IP: Port: 28010
Cluster Map # 2
Connect To Valguero
IP: Port: 28020
Cluster Map # 4
Connect To Extinction
IP: Port: 28040
Cluster Map # 6
Connect To Scorched Earth
IP: Port: 29010
Cluster Map # 8
Connect To Aberration
IP: Port: 29040
Cluster Map # 10
Connect To Genesis
IP: Port: 27010

Before you can join any map you must first download and install all the necessary mods found on our mod collection page.

Please note you must also download and install all the official maps before you can connect to our servers.

Chaos Shop offers starter kits (/kit starter – /kit starterdino – /kit tools – /kit fuel) as well as VIP kits (Tier 1, 2, 3 & 4) to help players in their adventures!

You can also use the Chaos Shop to purchase dinos, items, structures, resources and cosmetics.

  • x15 Tame
  • x10 Gather
  • x20 Experience
  • x5 Crop Growth
  • x25 Incubation Speed
  • x10 Baby Mature Speed
  • x10 More Weight Capacity
  • 80% Faster Mating Interval
  • Structure Limit 6,000
  • Player Corpse Decay = 1 hour
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